Estates Services

Grounds maintenance and cleaning

Your grounds maintenance and cleaning services are carried out by Accuro Environmental or Pinnacle depending on where you live. If you live in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or Cambridgeshire then our service partner is Accuro Environmental. For Hertfordshire and South Buckinghamshire it'll be Pinnacle.

We have set them with a minimum standard to attain for both cleaning and grounds maintenance. You can see the standards we require by clicking on the images.

Grounds maintenance cover image   Cleaning guide cover image

If you feel that these standards aren't being met please contact our Estates team. If you are able to send images that would be very helpful but isn't essential.

Grounds maintenance schedule

You can check when our contractors are next in your area by viewing our grounds maintenance schedule.


Hedge-cutting schedule

Hedges will be cut back up to twice a year between August and the end of February, this is to avoid bird nesting season (March-July).

Bird nesting sites are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act (WCA), which in short means that it’s illegal to destroy an active nest or its contents.

If you want to find out more about the laws regarding hedge cutting, please visit the RSPB website.


Window cleaning by Accuro

If you live in a general needs site, window cleaning will take place twice annually to communal windows only.  If you live in sheltered housing or over 55’s accommodation, your windows will be cleaned quarterly. Check our latest window cleaning schedule for details on when our contractors will be visiting your area.


Compliments for our service providers

This morning two persons from Accuro came and gritted the access road, carpark area and the footpaths in the back garden at Arthur Street. They used a rolling device that scattered the grit giving it a very even distribution. This work was done quickly with no disruption and both individuals took a professional attitude to the work being done and were thorough.

I just want to say thanks for the good job this morning and for the positive attitude of Shaun and Chris.

[We] are very pleased with the service [provided by Pinnacle].

Resident told me, that the cleaning and GM are doing an excellent job and he has really noticed a difference since they have taken over, he said bar some of the redecorating works that need doing they have made a real difference to the look of the place and they wash the walls and spend a good amount of time cleaning.

Queries or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the estates service please contact our team by email or call 0300 500 6262.