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calculatorWe’ve grown significantly since we were established in 1968 by five businessmen wanting to provide affordable accommodation for the people of Harpenden.


In that time we’ve grown to cover the five counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.


We now embark on the next stage of our growth following our merger with Catalyst Housing in May 2019.


A few key facts about the Aldwyck brand:

•           We have over 11,000 homes

•           We provide homes and management services for 25,000 people

•           We’re committed to building new homes for a variety of tenures including affordable rent, shared ownership and market sale

•           We have an annual turnover of over £93 million. All profits are reinvested in our core business of providing affordable homes

•           We offer specialist support and homes for young people, those with disabilities, those who are vulnerable and older people too


We are extremely proud of who we are and what we have achieved so far. However, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our operations, and seeking out new opportunities that complement our existing activities and add value to our business.

Working with us

Aldwyck is always interested in working with strategic partners, in joint ventures, and through mergers and cost-sharing vehicles with other organisations.


Partnerships are crucial to our success and in ensuring that we achieve our mission and aims for the benefit of our customers.


We owe many of our past achievements to our fruitful partnerships – with funders, developers, local councils, community groups and other housing providers. Partnerships help us to be more efficient and to gain greater value for money.


Our growth ambitions have been boosted by the recent mergers with Catalyst Housing and King Street Housing. By joining together we’ll be able to build more homes over a wider area, deliver an excellent customer experience and create a greater place to work.


Find out more about the work we do in our communities by watching this short video.

Our Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategyOur vision is for Aldwyck to be a highly respected, self confident and ambitious organisation which is influential in policy making for the sector.


We plan to grow the number of homes we own by increasing our financial strength and developing a powerful business infrastructure. At the same time, we will never lose sight of our social purpose and the communities we serve.


Helping guide what we do are our business priorities, which turn our vision into the delivery of great customer service and homes where people want to live.


You can find out more about our plans by downloading the Corporate Strategy 2016/20.

Board and directors

Our Group Board brings together a range of skills and expertise to provide Aldwyck with a clear strategy and to offer constructive challenge and support to the Executive.


The Executive team has a proven track record of delivering new homes, high quality services, and value for money.


Governance ratingAldwyck is regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency, which sets the required standards for all registered social housing providers.


The standards cover economic regulation (governance, financial viability, rent setting, value for money) and consumer regulation (tenant involvement and empowerment, home, tenancy, neighbourhood and community).


In its latest regulatory judgement in June 2019, the Regulator of Social Housing confirmed our G1/V1 rating.

Annual report and accounts

Annual report and financial statementsAldwyck is a financially stable and robust business, which is reflected in our strong financial performance.


Our business performance is underpinned by sound financial and operational management and the talent and contributions of our people.


Read our annual report to learn more about our recent financial performance

Value for money

We believe that achieving value for money (VfM) is about doing the right things and doing them right, first time, at the right cost. It isn’t purely about doing things in the cheapest way, it’s also about achieving more with our resources, ensuring our services continually improve.


We know that VfM is important to our customers, partners and other stakeholders and we have a strategy that shows how we will deliver and report on our objectives. 

Investor updates

Here you will find our latest updates to investors.


Upcoming reports:


2018/19 annual report: Due autumn 2019

Investor questions

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