Make a complaint

King Street Housing Society aims to provide an excellent service to its customers. We will listen to what our customers think about our services and therefore we welcome feedback, good or bad. This feedback will help us to improve and provide better services.

We aim to be customer-focused. Although we work hard to provide a good service to our customers, we may not always meet the high standards that we set ourselves. If any of our customers have reason to complain, their complaint will be welcomed and dealt with promptly and efficiently.

We define a customer as being anyone that receives a service from us, so Tenants and Leaseholders are our main customers.

We will do all that we can to ensure that complaints are acted upon and resolved. All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the Society’s Equalities Policy.


We are always delighted to receive compliments about our staff or services. When we receive a compliment we will record it on the compliments register. We will inform the appropriate staff member and their line manager. Information from compliments will be used to inform the way in which we provide our services.

Who can complain? 

Anyone who feels dissatisfied at the way we have dealt with them or feels that they have been affected by our actions. For example:

• Tenants and leaseholders
• Applicants for housing
• Neighbours of our properties
• Relatives and representatives of the above