Moving Home

More information on looking for a new home is available in the ‘Home-Link’ and ‘Mutual Exchange’ sections on this website and in the KSH tenancy handbook

When you have found a new home you must give us 4 weeks’ notice in writing that you want to end your tenancy. The notice period will start on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Please contact us when you know you will be moving and we will send you the notice form. You do not have to give 4 weeks’ notice if you are moving to another KSH property – your Housing Officer will tell you what you need to do

You will have to pay your rent on your KSH home until the end of the notice period. If you move out of your home before the end of the notice period – for example because you have to move into your new home - you may no longer be entitled to housing benefit. You would then have to pay your full rent until the end of your tenancy. In these circumstances you should ask your local council to pay housing benefit on your two homes.

Once you have given notice we will visit you to carry out a ‘pre-departure’ property inspection. We will then tell you about any repairs, cleaning, decorating, rubbish disposal or other work you need to do before you move.

As well as your rent you will need to pay your utility bills up to date, let services such as your doctor, gas, electric and water companies know your new address and make arrangements for your post to be re directed. See the ‘Moving on’ section of your tenancy handbook for further details.

You must hand in your keys to our Cambridge Office before 12 noon on the Monday after your notice period ends (or 12 noon on the Tuesday if the Monday is a bank holiday), or contact us before you move to make other arrangements for handing in your keys..

More information on moving home is available in the ‘Moving on’ section of the KSH tenancy handbook or please contact a member of King Street Housing team.

Other information you may find useful: