Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud | Latest news

Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud | Latest news

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Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud

Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud


Tenancy fraud is thought to cost housing associations and councils in the UK around £1 billion a year. It’s estimated that around 1% of social housing properties are fraudulently sublet – that could be 250 Aldwyck homes.

Every time one of our properties is misused, a family in genuine need of housing is left without a home. So, we're working with the Shared Anti-Fraud Service (SAFS) to help stamp out fraud.


What is tenancy fraud?


There are many different types of tenancy fraud. These are the most common:

  • Illegal subletting – the tenant lives elsewhere and sublets the whole of the property to others.
  • Abandonment – the tenant no longer lives at the property, leaving it empty.
  • Fraudulent application – a person gets a property by giving false information in their application, for example, not telling us they are renting another council or housing association property.

Recently we acted against a case of tenancy fraud. One of our tenants had been subletting his property between 2011 and 2017 while he lived with his partner at her address. The tenant and his partner denied the allegation at a court hearing. 

However, in summing up, the judge stated that the evidence of subletting was overwhelming. A possession order was granted by the court and we were awarded costs totalling £25,000, to be paid in full by the tenant. You can find out more about the case here


What can you do to help?


If you suspect someone is committing tenancy fraud, please let us know by calling 0300 1234033 or emailing the SAFS. It could make a real difference. Anything you tell us will be held in the strictest confidence. All reports can be made anonymously.


What happens next


We will investigate your concerns and take the necessary action. If someone is found to have committed tenancy fraud that person could lose their tenancy.

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