Openness and Transparency

We are committed to being open and transparent in our work.  We report on how we are governed and our actions, performance and spending to our customers and other stakeholders.

We publish this information so that anyone who has an interest in our work can hold us to account. We take pride in the homes and the services we provide and believe that openness and transparency helps us to continually improve how well we perform and how efficient we are.

Value for money

Our   Value for Money Strategy.pdf [pdf] 284KB   sets out how we create the optimum balance between cost, performance and quality.

Our annual Value for money self-assessment 2016_2017.pdf [pdf] 3MB reports on our costs and performance and how they compare to other organisations. It also provides examples of how we have made savings and created efficiencies.

Our performance

You can visit the performance page to find out more about our service delivery and financial performance.

What we spend money on

Each year we publish our Annual report and financial statement 2016_2017 [pdf] 3MB which provides details of our financial position, our approach to value for money and details of what we spend our money on.

We make a commitment to invest our surpluses into building new homes, as well as services for existing residents, their homes and their local communities.  We have a comprehensive programme of consulting our customers and seeking their feedback to prioritise and direct our spending to what matters most to them.

We are open about the remuneration made to our Board and Committee members and have published the annual amounts they receive below.

Group Chair £15000
Committee Chair £12000
Group Board Member £6000
Other Committee Members £3000





Plus eligible expenses

Affordable Homes Programme spending 

Since 2014 we have been publishing quarterly reports here of all the spend over £500 related to the development of these homes.

Where a payment is subject to a contractual requirement for commercial confidentiality, the name of the creditor will be replaced with the words Redacted:Commercial Confidence.

Where information is classed as personal data, which by law we cannot publish under the Data Protection Act, we will state Redacted: Personal Data.

HCA - Cost Reporting - Oct - Dec 2018.pdf [pdf] 47KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jul - Sept 2018.pdf [pdf] 55KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Apr - Jun 2018.pdf [pdf] 44KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jan - Mar 2018 [pdf] 106KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Oct - Dec 2017 [pdf] 54KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jul - Sep 2017 [pdf] 44KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Apr - Jun 2017.pdf [pdf] 96KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jan - Mar 2017.pdf [pdf] 81KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Oct - Dec 2016.pdf [pdf] 73KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - July - Sept 2016.pdf [pdf] 82KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Apr - Jun 2016.pdf [pdf] 53KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jan - Mar 2016.pdf[pdf] 145KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Oct - Dec 15.pdf [pdf] 102KB

HCA Cost Reporting - July - Sept 2015.pdf [pdf] 13KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Apr - Jun 2015.pdf [pdf] 105KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jan - Mar 2015.pdf[pdf] 106KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Oct - Dec 2014.pdf [pdf] 108KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - July - Sept 2014.pdf [pdf] 66KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Apr - Jun 2014 [pdf] 106KB

HCA - Cost Reporting - Jan-March 2014.pdf [pdf] 106KB

Governance and Regulation

We publish the names and biographies of our Group Board and Executive Management Team who are responsible for the running and operation of Aldwyck Housing Group.

Our regulator is Homes England. The regulator expects us to meet certain standards, including on governance, and it publishes its assessment of how well we comply. You can find out more about their assessment on their website.

We ensure that the views of customers are represented in our governance structure by reserving two places for them on our Service Delivery Committee which is responsible for approval of strategies and policies and monitoring performance as it relates to service delivery.

Our codes of conduct (below) set out the principles and standards of conduct we expect from all our staff, board members and involved residents.

Group Code of Conduct [pdf] 213KB

Individual Code of Conduct for BCM and Involved Residents [pdf] 102KB

Individual Code of Conduct for Staff [pdf] 151KB

We are also committed to doing what we can to combat slavery and human trafficking. Read our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.pdf [pdf] 65KB  to discover the measures we are taking.